Get Smart with film

Welcome to something brand new!

The Get Smart Film Festival exists to celebrate short films created using mobile and smartphone technology. In collaboration with Bradford UNESCO City of Film in their 10th Anniversary year, we are working to celebrate the independent filmmaker by creating opportunities for new filmmakers to share their films. Gone are the days when you would need an expensive camera to make a quality film. You don’t even need a DSLR camera anymore!

So as an independent filmmaker, consider this…how would you feel seeing the short film that you made on a 7 inch screen, played on a large screen for an audience in a cinema? Submit your film to our festival for an opportunity to share your films and win prizes!

There are a number of categories to submit your film to, such as Best Drama, Best Documentary, Best 60 Second Film and many others, so you have many options to participate in, and we aim to use social media to its fullest in order to allow audiences to decide what they think is the best smartphone made film at the festival.

The festival takes place from Thursday 19th September to Saturday 21st September 2019, in Bradford, United Kingdom. This is an amazing opportunity to screen your films, so whether or not your an iPhone or Android user, get creating short films and submit them to our festival!