Festival 2021
28 - 29 October 2021

2021 is back with a bang!

2021 features a number of amazing short films, which you can watch online. Not only are the films made on smartphones, you can also watch them on your mobile phones and tablets!

Take a look at the 2021 film festival trailer below.


After the murder of Bernardo Aranda, which happened on September 1, 1959 in Asunción, Paraguay, two lovers are involved in an incessant persecution in which 108 men are captured and tortured, under the pretext of linking them to the crime.

Afford Asexual

All of the features that appear in the eye are automatically rendered. Our bodies continued to evolve with vitality, supported by sexual desire. The automatic absorption of our voice and physical characteristics into AI means that it is introduced into asexual.

An Emergency

A cat lover develops a debilitating case of writer’s block. When her tea kettle malfunctions, her struggles intensify.


Artemis is an 87 years old woman with dementia. This short documentary is showing several moments of her day to day life.


In 2004, Carmen meets Martín through a blind date. What seems like a chance encounter between strangers ends up being an unprecedented family reunion.


A guy in limbo (between life and death) meets someone very special.

Dawn Heist

Two toddlers get up early in order to raid the kitchen.

Dead Run

On a quiet evening, a wild, seemingly endless chase breaks out between a young man and a woman. The real meaning of the chase dissolves in the all-blurring race.

Derek – Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse

The four horseman of the apocalypse have been summoned and we are moments away from the foretold end of days.


Two toddlers get up early in order to raid the kitchen.

Home Alone – 2

Home Movie – a film shot during lockdown.

I Am a Black Hole

An anxious young man becomes obsessed with black holes. The question is: will he let his obsession and anxiety define him and consume him… just like a black hole? Or can he escape the “event horizon” of his troubled life and be more than just his mental illness?

Just a Man and a Woman

Meeting secretly at a hotel once a week, a man and a woman are soon forced to make a decision that will change their lives forever.


10 year old Jan is at home and missing his schoolfriends during lockdown. Tired of playing football by himself he longs to see his best friend again.


When a darkroom technician cancels plans with friends to go to work, he quickly learns what happens when the negatives of his decisions catch up with him.

Nuntio Vobis

The moments preceding the proclamation of the new pope.

Out of Thin Air

This documentary short outlines the Philosophy of Available Resources from an actor who practices it not only in film but also in furniture making.

Plant Lady

A plant enthusiast’s idyllic green world takes a horrific turn when she finds imperfections in her Boston Fern! A plant lovers answer to Psycho!


José, a peasant boy, loses his ball in a strange thicket in front of his house. An unusual encounter will make us think that sometimes danger is found where we least imagine it.

The Dark Figure – Editor’s Cut

In the sequel of The Last Choc, Matthew wakes up from a mysterious, eerie sound, booming in the whole house. Does he find the cause of the sound? Actually, does he even find the sound itself?
“Wake up Ryan! Help!”

The Shape of Air

Willy Nicholls is one of the few surfboard airbrush artists left in Australia. With his dog Ruby constantly at his side, Gold Coast artist Willy continues a craft that started in the 1970s when psychedelia and surf culture merged for a unique – and now dying – art form.

Who’s a Good Man?

Girl meets boy. Or does she?